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Website Statistics Package

We are able to offer to our customers an optional additional website statistics service which allows you to view up-to-the minute detailed, graphical reports on your website usage, at anytime via the web. Research shows that the websites that enjoy high repeat-traffic and prosper tend to be those that analyse site usage in order to understand the visitor experience and learn from it. For example: How many people are visiting the site?;Aberdeen Internet's Smarter Stats Package Where in the world do they come from?; Which pages are being viewed?; When in the day or week do most users visit?; Who refers them to the website?, What search phrase did they use? etc, etc.

This ongoing examination process can not only help you to target your marketing efforts in order to attract more visitors to the website, but can also assist in the ongoing tweaking of content and site design so as to increase usage of the site, and also retain user attention once they are on the website.

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